Anvil Steel Facility & Capabilities

BIM, 3-D TEKLA and AutoCAD Technology: We are proud to be up to date with the most current technology. Using BIM integration and 3-D Tekla modeling capabilities, we become a true team player ahead of the class.

Design-Assist/ Design-Build: We are strong believers in the value of Design-Assist and Design-Build coordination. We understand the value that pre-construction coordination in a 3D virtual setting can provide not only for our trade, but for the coordination of other trades as well. Because of our commitment to technology, owners and contractors alike benefit on schedule, price and coordination by selecting us as their preferred steel supplier.

CNC Fabrication Equipment: Our commitment to current technology extends to our automated fabrication systems. We minimize human error in the fabrication process by downloading drawings directly into our CNC systems allowing plate, brace, column and beam fabrication to be virtually error free.

The Sustainable Steel Advantage: We buy mill and warehoused steel with respect to the "Green Building" applications or for LEED program building. Depending on the section and specification, new steel will have a recycle content anywhere from 30% to 99%. We are committed to environmental stewardship by recycling our scrap and incorporating innovative pollution reducing products, materials and methods in our company processes.

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