Anvil Steel History

Founded in 1973 by Phil Shallenberger, Anvil Steel was originally housed within a 10,000 square foot facility in Gardena, California. Anvil began as a fabricator and erector of light structural and miscellaneous steel for the local beach communities of Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. Anvil's original plant had a single overhead bridge crane and a rail bay for ornamental work.

In 1985, with the booming southern California economy, Anvil built a new 18,000 square foot crane bay with several overhead bridge cranes across the street from the original plant. Sales multiplied, with the number of employees increasing from 9 to 32.

Phil sold Anvil to Paul Schifino in 1996. Building on the reputation built by Phil of providing the highest quality product for a reasonable price, Paul set Anvil's sights on expanding into the commercial market. Over the next decade, we expanded our facility from 40,000 square feet to 10 acres by acquiring adjacent properties. Our current capacity is over 450 tons per week and we have 270 full-time employees.

As we have expanded, our customer base has grown, from contractors building small homes and apartment complexes to include contractors building:

· Commercial buildings such as Office Depot and Costco stores
· Office buildings and malls with up to 2,500 tons of steel
· Schools, police stations, firehouses, libraries and other public buildings
· Custom homes with up to 350 tons of steel

We now supply and transport steel to all fifty states. Approximately 40% of our steel is supplied nationally, with the balance being supplied to the Southern California market.


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