Anvil and Junior Steel share 30 + acres of property throughout Southern California. Our facilities include 6 locations, 5 offices, a storage yard, and 3 fully automated plants with 4 acres under bridge. All combining to an output of 35,000 tons annually. 

Our expertise extends to residential, commercial, and industrial projects, and our cutting-edge CNC-equipped facilities enable us to tackle projects of any scale. No job is deemed too small or too large for us to manage effectively.

Having established a broad presence, we take pride in serving customers not only across all 50 states but also internationally.

3D Rendering

CNC Fabrication Equipment: Our commitment to current technology extends to our automated fabrication systems. We minimize human error in the fabrication process by downloading drawings directly into our CNC systems allowing plate, brace, column and beam fabrication to be virtually error free.


BIM – We are proud to be up to date with the most current technology.  By using BIM coordination and 3-D TEKLA modeling we provide preconstruction and coordination services well beyond the capabilities of our competitors.


We are strong believers in the value of Design-Assist and Design-Build coordination. We understand the value that pre-construction coordination in a 3D virtual setting can provide not only for our trade, but for the coordination of other trades as well. Because of our commitment to technology, owners and contractors alike benefit on schedule, price and coordination by selecting us as their preferred steel supplier.