Briarcrest Road

Tons of Steel: 60
Pieces of Steel: 120
Architect: NCS Studio
Engineer: JLA John Labib & Associates
Contractor: Shawmut Design & Construction


Tons of Steel: 145
Pieces of Steel: 411
Architect: Landry Design Group
Engineer: Parker Resnick
Contractor: McCoy Construction

Point Dume Residence

Tons of Steel: 62
Pieces of Steel: 301
Architect: Lake|Flato
Engineer: Smith Structural Group
Contractor: William Kent Development

Steven Way

Tons of Steel: 60
Pieces of Steel: 164
Architect: Bowery Design & Development
Engineer: Engineers Inc
Contractor: Lucy Development


Tons of Steel: 128
Pieces of Steel: 419
Architect: Jay Vanos Architect, Inc
Engineer: Soly Yamini and Associates
Contractor: LYONS – Lyons Development

St. Cloud

Tons of Steel: 125
Pieces of Steel: 234
Architect: Bulli Corp
Engineer: LA John Labib & Associates
Contractor: G3 Group LA Inc.

Chateau Falconview

Tons of Steel: 115
Pieces of Steel: 124
Architect: Harrison Design
Engineer: LC Engineering Group, Inc
Contractor: Lucy Development


Tons of Steel: 29
Pieces of Steel: 32
Architect: Barton Meyers Associates, Inc.
Engineer: Stephen Period, S.E.
Contractor: Peck Homes