Topanga Mall

Tons of Steel: 1117
Architect: Architect Orange
Engineer: Englekirk
Contractor: Westfield, LLC

Century City

Tons of Steel: 1215
Architect: Gensler Architect
Engineer: Saiful Bouquet
Contractor: Westfield, LLC

Sportsmen’s Lodge Buildings 1-5

Tons of Steel: 700
Architect: Gensler
Engineer: Gensler
Contractor: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company

Nordstrom University Towne Center

Tons of Steel: 880
Architect: Callison Architects
Engineer: Coffman Engineers
Contractor: Pacific National Group

Costco Retail


Anvil Steel started building Costco’s in 1999 and we have expanded our relationship into a true partnership.  We are an exclusive provider of miscellaneous steel on all of their construction projects.  Costco demands a tight schedule and near perfection quality, a level of service that only Anvil Steel can provide. They are a huge priority within our company and we make sure our relationship is as strong as the steel that we supply them with.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a newer account we received in 2021, and by providing the same service as we do for Costco we expect to have a long lasting partnership. With a dedicated division for our fortune 500 customers, we are consistently looking for more partnerships in which we can provide quality, on time, and within budget structural and miscellaneous steel.